Petit Maó Infanta is in the old neighborhood of Maó, in 17 Infanta Street near to the old protestant British cemetery or camposanto, betweeen the Príncep and Reial squares and just besides the Ca n’Oliver Palace. Maó is right in the East of the island, being the capital of the island, with an airport, port and moorings and a bus station.


We indicate you on the Map 1 four options to park in the nearby of the Petit Maó. We think that the option 3 is the best one as it is free (the first half), large and near to the Petit Maó:

Website page of the Mahon Town Hall with all parking options:


Best way to reach the Petit Maó, point 1 Me1 road or Ciutadella street coming from the West, Ciutadella, Alaior, the airport or even the port terminal, avoiding as much as possible the town center.