Small alternative hotel in Minorca, fusion of boutique, small luxury and charming hotels, Petit Maó is a collection of friends held together for the same affinity: to project a new concept of hospitality more autenthic and slow. Honestly. An empathy and sympathy towards our guest. We invite him to enjoy an inspiring and fresh place, source of beauty learnt from our guests and suggested back to them by means of a vintage and eclectic decoration making singular the false-order-of-things. We are not here to reinvent the wheel but to re-address the conventions. For a guest, traveler or tourist or nomad, sensitive to new experiences and driven by the curiosity and the research of what’s authentic (spontaneously). 


Petit Maó hotel is right in the center of the historical neighborhood of Maó, in a 18th century manor house constructed during the Illustrated Maó under British sovereignity by a Mahon ship-owner and trader: Gabriel Gonyalons i Vidal. The liberal Maó with the very first printing machines and masonic lodges. The liberal Maó. The dynamic Maó in a flourishing society. The glocal Maó: global and local at a time. The erudite Maó with all Arts. The Enlightened Maó: plenty of History and many histories to explain you.


Petit Maó is fairly close to plenty of beaches. Wild beaches on the North: es Grau, cala Tortuga o Mesquida. Turquoise blue colour calas on the South-East: Son Bou, Talis o ses Olles. Not far neither from the rest of the beaches of Minorca where every spot is relatively only a stone throwaway: Cala Mitjana, Binigaus, Algaierens, Son Saura o Cavalleria. And lots of walkways inside the island and on the old coastal footpath Camí de Cavalls, 180km long, its landscapes in plural, its diversity. And we are only 15min far from the airport.

If Petit Maó has no availability, we recommend you the Hotel Hevresac. Brand new hotel  in an end of the 18th century manorial house close to the Petit Maó at the corner of San Fernando/Anuncivay streets in its original state and for the very first time integrally renovated with its singular and evident singularity.